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Additional Retadin Macros for 4.0.1 and Beyond

Patch 4.0.1 killed off most of my macros. It was disappointing because I had everything so well planned out that I was able to control pretty much all of my abilities with one macro.

The following is a collection of the Retribution macros that made it through to 4.0.1.

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Rotation 101: To Wait Or Not To Wait

I’ve seen a lot of moaning about how the new Retribution rotation is as complex as the Rogue or Feral (Cat) Druid.

I grant you this certainly, the new rotation is a lot less forgiving: spamming Divine Storm and Exorcism will very quickly deplete your mana and destroy your DPS. Unfortunately, we have been fed a steady diet of brainless spamming of whatever ability is off cooldown for years now.

Those days have ended.

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Retribution Paladin Theory 101: 4.0.1 & Beyond

I’m no stranger to pulling out the old Excel and filling it with numbers, usually in the vague hope of those numbers making sense to me – let alone casual readers.

A great deal of my own theory-crafting is exactly that: theory. As such, I will open up these posts to discussion among my readers. If you feel I’ve missed something – or if I’m way off, please tell me!

Because of the casual nature of my target audience, my idea is to provide advice on setting up your Retadin without delving into the hefty math involved.

Theory without math… This is going to be interesting.

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