Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

To The Death Of Fun

The ToC Effect

I think I’m one of many players who despised Trial of the Champion/Crusader. With a competent group, the raid could be competed in half an hour, dropped gear that trumped Ulduar and gave us little challenge or lore.
Ulduar, on the other hand, was a work of art. It immersed us in lore about the Old Gods and each boss gave us new challenges.

It was pretty as hell too.
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Hiatus Ends

I’ve had a bit of an hiatus of late. It’s not that i’ve given up the game or taken a break – quite the opposite, actually. Five 85’s later, with a Warrior and Mage in the making. I’ve simply had to shift my energy to other ventures: my first novel, a new job and managing an injury from my old baking job.
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Three Months In And…

It looks like it’s time to find a new guild. When Rift was released, a few guildies (including the GM) decided to give it a go. The idea was that we’d take a break from raiding for a month and concentrate on making sure our character/s were up to speed for the new content. Admittedly, those that moved onto Rift had already done the groundwork and were sporting an iLevel of 342 to 350+.

The plan was to return and start raiding at the beginning of April.

It’s now the 5th of April and there is no sign of anyone coming back.

Anyone have a good home for a laughably-geared Ret Paladin and an even more laughably-geared Resto Shaman?

Cataclysm Launch

As per usual, I woke up at 5AM, swore at my alarm clock, wondered briefly if i really, really, really had to get out of bed and staggered in the general direction of the coffee machine.  One Deus Ex Caffiena later (that’s my award-winning 8-shot mochacino with a dash of peppermint.  That’s right – eight shots.  Two of those will give you a nose bleed) and I was bouncing off the walls.  Fumbling for my iPod, i checked the forums to find out if there was an answer to the question everyone is asking.

There was.


See you all in the new world.



STBW has an interesting way of letting it be known that I’ve been playing too long. It’s sharp, to the point and generally quite painful.
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The Business of Alternate Characters

My teeny, tiny kitty finally reached level 70 a few days ago. I was originally going to wait until the release of Cataclysm before creating this character as the thought of a character switching furiously between Bear, Cat, Worgen and human form in combat had me in fits of laughter. To find out that would not be the case was somewhat disappointing. Additionally, STBW calmly informed me that she had “bagsies” on the Worgen Druid.

My Worgen, it seems, will be a Warrior.

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The Pre-Expansion Blues

We’ve all been through what I like to refer to as the “Pre-Expansion Blues”. This is a crucial time for many guilds, large and small, as the atmosphere with in the guild right now will set the tone for success or failure when the expansion arrives in a little over a month. I think many of you will have noticed that the number of un-guilded players on your server has risen sharply. I spent a day seeking these players out and asking them why they were un-guilded, with the responses gravitating to variants of the following:

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Additional Retadin Macros for 4.0.1 and Beyond

Patch 4.0.1 killed off most of my macros. It was disappointing because I had everything so well planned out that I was able to control pretty much all of my abilities with one macro.

The following is a collection of the Retribution macros that made it through to 4.0.1.

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Rotation 101: To Wait Or Not To Wait

I’ve seen a lot of moaning about how the new Retribution rotation is as complex as the Rogue or Feral (Cat) Druid.

I grant you this certainly, the new rotation is a lot less forgiving: spamming Divine Storm and Exorcism will very quickly deplete your mana and destroy your DPS. Unfortunately, we have been fed a steady diet of brainless spamming of whatever ability is off cooldown for years now.

Those days have ended.

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C’mon Guys…

I welcome each major patch. The days after, where you’re going toe-to-toe with something new and ugly without such things as Omen or Deadly Boss Mods is a rush for me. This is why I purposely have not entered the PTR. I like the challenge.

With the release of 4.0.1, the forums have become inundated with whining from the Neckbeard fraternity about how, “[Insert favourite class here] is broken!”, “I’ve lost [outlandish percentage] of my DPS!”, and, “This sucks! I’m quitting the game!”.

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