Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

Hiatus Ends

I’ve had a bit of an hiatus of late. It’s not that i’ve given up the game or taken a break – quite the opposite, actually. Five 85’s later, with a Warrior and Mage in the making. I’ve simply had to shift my energy to other ventures: my first novel, a new job and managing an injury from my old baking job.

The new job is a massive leap backward in responsibility and pay – I can never work as a baker again due to the injury – but it’s also a massive leap forward in lifestyle.

I think it’s worth it. Besides, STBW makes far more than I do, so she can be the bread-winner for a while.

The injury, acrimonial bursitis, is very common in employment with a great deal of movement and strength-work. It is caused by a group of muscles in the shoulder not growing with the rest, causing inflammation, movement restriction and pain. Tennis Elbow is a form of this injury, obviously in the elbow or wrist as opposed to the shoulder. The remedy: lots and lots of needles, physio, MRIs and X-rays. Worst case scenario is surgery – and I have to admit, after over a year of dealing with it, a quick session with the scalpel and the bone grinder is looking good!

Anyway, the game.

I love what they’ve done to the Paladin! I know several people who have deleted their character in disgust at the changes, which makes me sad and angry. So, the Retadin’s rotation is no longer:
1. Place face on keyboard.
2. Roll face from side to side.
3. Top the DPS meters.
Awwww! My heart goes out to you.
I love that you have to think, plan ahead and manage your procs and cooldowns. You can’t just pop everything and go nuts. I personally think we are now on a par with the DPS Druid in terms of rotational complexity – and I love every moment of it.
I will say however that clcRet is extremely useful now for tracking Inquisition and the juggling act the spell brings can be fun – in a painful sort of way. I must admit I had a “nub-attack” with Inquisition in the early days of the expansion, saving it for boss fights and the like. My reasoning was that the holy power “wasted” to Inquisition could be better used as a Templar’s Verdict.
Certainly this would be the case with world trash when doing dailies for example, but trash in instances and raids is something different.
Besides, there’s the meters to consider…

The expansion has put me off Paladin healing, resting that task squarely in the shoulders of my Shaman. For some reason, I can’t seem to get my head around Holy – that and his holy gear is mostly circa Tier 10.5. That will change now that Muh no longer needs anything available from Justice Points. I just wish that bloody mace would drop in ZG!

On to the state of play for myself.

I saw in the expansion in a new guild made up of real-life friends (Elemental Bane). Unfortunately, with the advent of Rift, the guild essentially collapsed. A month break was called at Rift’s release, giving everyone a chance to get their main character to max level and gear for raiding at entry level. Unfortunately, only one person came back when that period ended. I managed to team up with a new guild with a similar level and progression rate and I’ve been with Moral Ambiguity for a couple of months now. The similarity between the two guilds is amazing: both place far more emphasis on fun than progression and both are made up of individually exemplary players. We wipe – a lot – but we still laugh about it. I don’t know what they think of my drunken raiding nights but as I still have a permanent spot, I think it’s safe to say it’s not a drama. I haven’t serenaded the main tank about his alleged propensity to sit down to pee – yet.

So, what has the expansion brought for you thus far? Are you still doing the same thing you did in Wrath, or has there been a bit of a hiccough?


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