Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

The Business of Alternate Characters

My teeny, tiny kitty finally reached level 70 a few days ago. I was originally going to wait until the release of Cataclysm before creating this character as the thought of a character switching furiously between Bear, Cat, Worgen and human form in combat had me in fits of laughter. To find out that would not be the case was somewhat disappointing. Additionally, STBW calmly informed me that she had “bagsies” on the Worgen Druid.

My Worgen, it seems, will be a Warrior.

It got me thinking about how we interrelate our alts. STBW’s Warlock supplies Muh with fish and leg enchants for his Holy spec. while my own Warlock supplies gems, flasks, potions and enchants. My second Paladin supplies glyphs while my Shaman provides leg enchants for DPS. Powering all of these is my Death Knight, which supplies herbs and raw ore for Prospecting and Blacksmithing on Muh. I’ve doubled up on Herbalism, Jewelcrafting and Alchemy to increase throughput and make the best use of the 20-hour cooldowns. It’s probably better explained with yet another horrible Paint image.


Not listed is Engineering on my Hunter. This character is only level 40-something and – to be honest – Engineering does my head in.

In return, Muh supplies shoulder enchants from Sons of Hodir, gems and crafted plate gear.

It’s interesting to see how the many disparate parts create a common goal, with a decent amount of profitability as a by-product. Neither STBW or myself has taken a huge interest in the intricacies of the Auction House, but tossing unwanted items in that direction has turned a decent profit.

The unfortunate reality of this kind of inter-relation between characters is the expense of a server move. Recently, STBW and I gave serious thought to the idea of moving to Silver Hand. Although we’re not RP players by any stretch, the friendliness and skill of players from this server has made them exceedingly appealing. Even with the Australian dollar as strong as it is, a move of this magnitude would cost in excess of AUD$250 – and then we’d have to set up a new guild for our alts and spend the gold setting up new tabs. With rumours of Cataclysm bringing in Guild Transfers, where you can transfer your GM with the guild bank completely intact, it’s something we may consider next year.

For now though, that’s a lot of money to be spending in one go.

So, now to the readers: how do you organise your alts? Do they form a support base for a single character or is it all about turning a profit on the AH?


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