Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

Rotation 101: To Wait Or Not To Wait

I’ve seen a lot of moaning about how the new Retribution rotation is as complex as the Rogue or Feral (Cat) Druid.

I grant you this certainly, the new rotation is a lot less forgiving: spamming Divine Storm and Exorcism will very quickly deplete your mana and destroy your DPS. Unfortunately, we have been fed a steady diet of brainless spamming of whatever ability is off cooldown for years now.

Those days have ended.

The new rotation forces us to think about what we’re doing, the situation we throw our characters into and how pressing one button may affect something we want to do later.

Haste, as an attribute, is now our paramount secondary stat as it directly affects the cooldown of Crusader Strike. Ideally, your rotation should follow the path below:

Paladin Rotation 4-0-1

Apologies for the lack of aesthetic charm in the picture above.  I was relegated to the notebook as STBW needed Photoshop.  Windows Paint in all of its glory!

Fillers can be Judgement, Exorcism (ONLY when Art of War has proc’d!), Holy Wrath or Consecration for groups or Hammer Of Wrath when the situation allows.

The jury is out on two things:

  1. Do you pop Avenging Wrath at the same time as Zealotry for the added damage bonus?
  1. Do you wait the half-second or so between fillers and your next Crusader Strike?

The answer to the first question is a resounding “NO!”. Your rotation changes to alternating between Crusader Strike and either Templar’s Verdict or Divine Storm when you pop Zealotry. Avenging Wrath introduces Hammer of Wrath to your rotation – and HoW hits like a freight train! To not make use of this would be a DPS loss.

The second question is a poser. The temptation is certainly there to just sneak in another attack, but would that damage your DPS later on? My theory is that it would, shown by the following.

You have a 1/2 GCD remaining 0.75 sec.), so you hit another filler.

Assuming a latency of zero, your Crusader Strike has been available for 1 sec of the next GCD.

Therefore, sneaking in another filler on the next rotation would leave Crusader Strike available for 1.5 sec, thus wasting an entire attack.

Conversely though, waiting the 0.75 sec. adds up to a full GCD wasted in two rotations.

Bloody hell…

This problem can be addressed by getting your Haste to a point where the cooldown for Crusader Strike is 3 seconds (adding more to offset latency). For those of us who do not have 1000 or so Haste however, keeping an eye on your GCDs is key – and hope for the Vry’kul proc off DBW.

If anyone has some solid math on what is best for those not at Haste soft-cap, I’d love to know.


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