Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin Theory 101: 4.0.1 & Beyond

I’m no stranger to pulling out the old Excel and filling it with numbers, usually in the vague hope of those numbers making sense to me – let alone casual readers.

A great deal of my own theory-crafting is exactly that: theory. As such, I will open up these posts to discussion among my readers. If you feel I’ve missed something – or if I’m way off, please tell me!

Because of the casual nature of my target audience, my idea is to provide advice on setting up your Retadin without delving into the hefty math involved.

Theory without math… This is going to be interesting.

Stat Priority

Below is my opinion of the stat weighing for the Retadin from 4.0.1. Things have certainly changed since 3.3.5!

Hit –> Expertise –> Haste –> Strength –> Mastery –> The Rest

Hit: You want 9% Hit to be able to guarantee a hit on a skull-level Boss. Unlike the old character screen, the new one includes such things as the Draenei racial bonus. Hit is just that: it allows you hit.

Miss = 0 DPS

Expertise: Expertise is similar to Hit except it affects Dodge and Parry. To successfully remove Dodge from the hit table, you need 26 Expertise. Standing behind the boss removes Parry completely. If you’re short on Expertise and don’t want to gem for it, equip the Glyph of Seal of Truth.  That will give you 10 Expertise.  If this glyph takes you over 26, you have room for Reforging.

Haste: This stat has gone from “Meh” to “Gimme!”.  Haste affects your Seal of Truth tics and most importantly, the cooldown of Crusader Strike.  Ideally, you want enough Haste to get your Crusader Strike cooldown to 3 sec.  The down-side is that’s about 1000 Haste Rating – and that’s before taking your latency into account.

Strength:  This is the stat from which our attacks get their punch and by far the most important “pure” stat.  Be that as it may, you should ensure you can actually hit something before hitting it harder.  An example of this was an old guildie of mine, Fultronius.  His gear was top-notch, but he had almost no Expertise.  After a lot of convincing, he agreed to swapping out some of his Attack Power enchants and Strength gems for Expertise.

The result: his 3k DPS Retadin became a 6k DPS Retadin.  Don’t scoff – 6k un-buffed on a target dummy in Ironforge equates to 13k when Saurfang is standing in front of you.

Mastery: I LOVE this proc!  I’ve set up PowerAuras with a big aura and the sound of a cat meowing.  Why a cat?  Well, STBW’s cat is still looking for the intruder to this day and comedy like that is more important to me.

Put simply, the more Mastery you have, the better the chance of a free Templar’s Verdict or Divine Storm.

The Rest:  Attributes like Crit and Agility certainly help, but with the way the Retribution Paladin is now you are better off looking for Haste on an item over crit. It’s also the first thing I look to swap out when Reforging.

I welcome comments on this.  If anyone has any other ideas or believes I’m way off, I’d love to know.


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