Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

Goodbye Armour Penetration–Hello Dee-Bee-Dubya!

I, like many Retadins, secretly coveted Deathbringer’s Will. The proc was not only visually stunning, but the proc bonuses were drool-worthy.

There were only two things blocking this trinket: ArPen and self respect. Armour Penetration had no place in a Retadin’s arsenal – which was infuriating as every single sodding piece of craftable DPS plate possessed it! Furthermore, to roll on this item would instantly label you as a “Scrub Pally”, forever the object of derision and ridicule.

Armour Penetration is gone now, its passing heralded by the chorus of, “Gimme that #@%&ing Dee-Bee-Dubya!”, from thousands of Paladins.

I do still have the occasional Warrior sidle up to me and whisper, “Lolret with DBW. Fail pally is fail”. My response has not changed since it dropped for me the week after 4.0.1 hit, “Read the bonus mate”, and link it.

Dear Warriors, Hunters and Death Knights.

I hope you got yours before the patch as the competition for that little number just got worse…


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