Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

It’s Not Me – It’s You

I have to admit I’m a bit of a guild-hopper. As someone who tends not to take personal attacks, or attacks against my play skill lying down, I will generally make a bee-line for the door before saying anything that will compromise my enjoyment of the game.

For me, game enjoyment is paramount. The GM doesn’t pay my subscription and therefore, as far as I’m concerned, has no bearing over what I do with my game time – so long as it is not in direct conflict with the guilds’ needs. While I would never do anything drastic like drop Muh’s Holy off-spec for a PvP spec without first consulting with the GM, my response to a GM demanding I change my primary raid role to Holy would be a flat “No”. If the matter was pursued further or Muh was taken out of the raid group as a result, my response would be a prompt /gquit.

While I’m not too bothered about healing in raids on Muh, his main spec is DPS.  He’s always been DPS and will probably continue to be DPS until I start playing something new.  I say “not too bothered” because, quite simply, I’m a terrible healing player and would rather not bring about wipe after wipe because I can’t do my job in the raid.

I also form a very distinct barrier between those individuals I play with and “friends”. That’s not to say they can never merge, but in my mind that merge requires a BBQ, vodka or beers and mutual interest aside from the game – and in a few cases, gratuitous nakedness. That however, is where that particular story ends.

This mental compartmentalisation allows me to make my feelings known to the guild, say my goodbyes and leave without any of those annoying pangs of conscience.  I guess it’s a cold way of looking at life in general – but that’s another thing I form a mental distinction about.  My “play-attitude” is different to my attitude in real life.

So, what is your view on Play vs. Real Life?  How do you perceive the people you play with a few nights a week?


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