Life through the eyes of a really bad Retribution Paladin

My First Attempt at Blogging


This is my first attempt at blogging about one of my biggest passions in life, World of Warcraft.  More specifically, this is about the trials and tribulations I face on a day-to-day basis while working with my big, blue, dopey-looking Draenei Retribution Paladin.

Look at the big guy.  He can’t even look toward the camera when I want him to!

My plan for this blog are quite vague:  part of me wants to get right into the real nitty-gritty of theorycrafting while the other says, “keep it casual”.

I’m going to do both.  That way if my math is way off (which WILL happen), I can resort to saying it’s a tolerable read – if highly inaccurate.

But then again, isn’t that what the internet is all about?  If you can make something entertaining enough, you don’t need to bother with things like “fact”.

A Bit About Me (and Muh)

The shortened version of my name is “Gray” and i live in Perth, Western Australia.  They must have been handing out the really good drugs at the hospital when I was born as my homemaker mother and construction work father settled on a very old English name which literally means “Son of Gray”.  Considering my father’s name was Colin – who knows.  I come from a mixture of Maori on my mother’s side and Irish on my father’s.

That probably explains the “Muu-rage” I was famous for in an old guild.

Both STBW (that stands for Soon To Be Wife, of whom you will be reading about a lot) and I have been playing for about four years and World of Warcraft was the first MMO I ever attempted.  We bought the game with our first ever joint purchase, an old 24” iMac, and every day would see a great display of kicking, biting and screaming to see who would get to the machine first.  It was with a great deal of relief that I bought her a 21” iMac a year or so later.  I got very sick of losing those battles.

In my time playing, I’ve seen the full spectrum of play styles.  I’ve done my time in “hard-core” guilds: those six hour raiding sessions in the name of progression are still painful to think about.  I’ve joined levelling guilds, casual guilds and once (by complete accident) I even joined a Christian guild.  My current guild, <Mischief Makers> is a pleasant mixture of raiding and casual.  It suits where I want to be perfectly.

Muhaargaan is my main and one of four max-level characters, of which all are Alliance and all are on the Aman’Thul server.  I have another Paladin, a Warlock and Shaman – with a Feral Druid and Discipline Priest clawing their way up the levels in an attempt to get to 80 before Cataclysm.  From day one, he’s been Retribution and will continue to be until i find another game to keep me occupied.  He’s been through the “Lolret” days, the “OMFGOPPALLY” days and he’s working his way through the current “WTFRetIsBrokenIQuitQQ” lead-up to Cataclysm.

He’s been through all the content and seen a Hard Mode or three in his time.  He can dish out some rather respectable DPS numbers and in a real pinch, I can switch to his Holy off-spec and wipe the raid team by being the second worst healer in the game.  The worst is a Priest who transferred her character to Thurassian Horde-side.  I won’t give her name.


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